Sunday, 20 March 2011


Your boot heels hit the ground with a sound like the wind
As it whispers through the barley on a golden summer’s day;
There’s a white mist that surrounds us as it splinters with the passion
Of a sudden beam of sunlight that will carry you away.

Drifting through the days we soar, like two birds flying high,
Sighing through the nights into the light of each new dawn,
We’ve caused the course of history to alter to our will
As we move towards a destiny mapped out when we were born.

Filigree and shadow slice the sheets upon our bed
Into sharp divided segments made of memories and dreams
Until morning moves across the day and pulls you further from me
And the conversation dangles, so that nothing’s as it seems.

Shadows wash across the gloom of autumn afternoons;
And I know that you are fading, as I knew you’d be the one;
The blackness of your shadow bleaches to a silver grey
And the last I ever see of you is black boots in the sun.

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