Sunday, 20 March 2011

''For all crop watchers, past and present (With apologies to Robert Browning)

Oh, to be in Wiltshire
Now that summer's there
And a farmer on his tractor
Sees some morning unaware
The tender sheaths of barley
Laid in circles on the ground
And of signs of human contact
Not a single trace is found.

Oh, to be in Wiltshire
When the watch of night is done
And to gaze on fields of wonder
Turning golden in the sun
To walk along the Ridgeway
Or to stand on Windmill Hill,
To climb the mound at Silbury
And walk the lanes at will.

Oh, to be in Wiltshire
In the early morning light
To search the fields for new shapes
That happened over night.
I imagine all the pictograms
Appearing in East Field,
And I ponder on what wonders
This coming year will yield.
Oh, to be in Wiltshire
And to sit on Adam's grave
And to wish I'd never come across
The names of Doug and Dave;
But still there's whispered magic
In the Kennet's rippling sigh
And just to think of Avebury
Can still make my spirit fly.

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  1. These are great, Anthea. Are you writing up all your stuff for posterity?