Monday, 26 January 2009


When I am no longer living I shall linger in this place
Where the firelight sculpts dark shadows on the contours of your face
And the mirror on the mantlepiece will not reflect my face.

When you wish me there beside you, you will know that I am near
By the gentle breeze that soothes your brow and whispers in your ear
I will be with you constantly, there’s nothing you need fear.

I will swim with you in water cool when summer heat is high
And will sit with you beside the fire when winter winds blow by;
If you sit and listen quietly you may even hear me sigh.

I shall drift along the landing to the bedroom where you sleep;
I will wrap my love around you and give comfort when you weep;
I will keep you safe from falling for the precipice is deep.

And through the years I’ll wait … and wait, for you to be with me
When your body gives in to its fate and sets your spirit free
And at last we’ll be together; wedded for eternity.

1 comment:

  1. I think this is gorgeous. My husband died when I was young so I've read a lot of poetry about death but this was spot on.The only thing I would work with was the word precipice, as it would be more high than deep for me. I loved the first stanza, the contrast and connection between the last two lines. It's a bit chilling, especially the last three lines. Lovely. I wish I could do this kind of work!